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What Is “Keto Diet”? – Burn Fat Efficiently!

Have you heard about “Keto Diet”? Keto Diet is said “Ultimate Diet” in Japan, it is very popular as effective diet method. We are going to introduce you to the mechanism that it is achievable to lose weight

What Is Keto Diet?

Keto Diet stands for “Ketogenic Diet”. It is also called as low carb diet or low carb high fat diet. When we limit carbohydrate intake, the body produces “ketones” which helps to burn fat. So, the diet that engages ketones is called “Ketogenic Diet”.

Why Keto Diet is effective?

If the food that you eat is low carb, you can eat as much as you can until you are full!

For example, you can eat high fat food like meat, egg and cheese without restriction.

The Main Reasons for Gaining Weight Are Carb Intake Not Fat or Calories!

When we eat carbohydrate foods like chapatti or rice, blood sugar level rises sharply. The liver produces “insulin” that is a hormone to lower blood sugar level. In addition, it allows your body to accumulate carbohydrates that are not consumed as energy to the fat cells of the body. That is the reason for gaining weight!

What Is the Difference between Keto Diet and Other Diet? – The Key to Success

Have you ever experienced like these?

“I tried a diet, but I was not able to overcome temptation.”
“I challenged various dieting methods, but it didn’t go well.”

We believe that you have experienced such frustrating feeling.

You don’t have to make a hard effort!

Keto Diet is an impressive diet plan.

“You can eat everything without carbs until you feel full.”
“You can see the result very quickly.”

The most important rule in Keto Diet is choosing the low carb food. On the brighter side, you can eat meals you like such as meat, fish, egg and cheese.

You will change into a fat burning habit by using keto diet when you limit the carbs intake. Your body produces ketones that helps you to burn fat. Therefore you can get weight loss result quickly!

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