Keto Diet Recipes

What Is “Blufit Keto Diet Service”?

Blufit provides you a platform where you can see yourself transforming without putting efforts. we proffer you the keto meals which are known for the low carb meals. Though intake of some carb is necessary but excessive intake of carbs leads to fat generation.

Keto food helps the body engender the ketones which initiates body fat, to burn easily and effectively.

About Our Dietitian

We help you lose weight by making you eat healthy and ketogenic food. We have renowned dietitian, chief Dietitian Niti Munjal who assists the patients and composes a personalized diet plan based upon their health fettles and eating conventions. She possesses 8+ years’ experience in this domain. After the causation of the diet plans we start serving.

Blufit Keto Diet Plans

Different Plans which we are having

Keto Diet Plan – In this plan the customer gets the online counselling (skype, whatsapp etc) from our dietitian and will be furnished with a healthy keto diet chart. The customer will get four (weekly) counselling sessions.

Keto Diet Plus Plan – this plan has extra provisions, after the online counselling and construction of the personalized diet plan, the customer enjoys our delicious keto meal facility at their doorsteps.

Keto Diet Premium Plan – this is our exclusively superior plan, by opting for this plan, the person will get a face-to-face counselling from the dietitian and also, he will be given the options to measure their BMI, body fat percentage, muscle percentage and many more. And then accordingly he will be served our keto delicacies.

Attractive Keto Diet Meals

Apart from this, our keto menu is too vast. It embraces all the varieties may it be Indian, Continental or Japanese. Also, there are varieties of soups available. Moreover, the meals we prepare are made up of special ingredients, our keto chapati is made from a special flour, our pasta is prepared from konnyaku flour (which is a special flour available only in Japan).

Blufit’s rationale is to make you healthy by furnishing you with healthier meals. A good health is a sign of a good meal.

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