Meal Subscription Trial – 3 Days (Keto / Balanced / Low Carb / High Protein)

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Blufit Meal Subscription is an innovative solution for weight management, muscle gain or immunity boosting. You will get nutrition controlled meal daily basis. A personal nutritionist will be assigned and design your diet plans based on your fitness goal.

Our Service:

What You Get:
* Lunch and dinner for 3 days (6 Meals)
* Personal Nutritionist
* In-depth Counseling
* Customized Diet Plan

Type of Diet

Keto: Restrict net carbs less than 20g per day.
Low Carb: Restrict net carbohydrates less than 130g per day.
Balanced: Weight maintenance and healthy lifestyle.
High Protein: Target 1.2-1.5g protein * (Your weight) per day.

* Our executive would call you within 1 business day after you place the order. (Weekly off: Sunday)
* Lunch and dinner will be delivered together and the delivery time will be briefed based on your delivery location after enrollment

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What kind of meals will be delivered?

We deliver Indian, Continental or Asian dishes. Our nutritionist will customize your daily menu based on your preference.

What time meals will be delivered?

Your meals will be delivered between 12 and 1:30pm based on your location.

Can I change delivery locations?

Yes, you can change delivery location through informing us by 9am on the day.

What will happen if I cancel the meal?

Your plan will be extended accordingly. Cancellation should be informed a day prior by 5pm.

I have other questions.

Please reach out to +918448232561


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