GermGo | 500ml | Disinfectant Sprays against Corona Virus


GermGo is the best solution for the precaution against Covid-19. Even GermGo can be used for sanitizing your delivered food package. (Net Amount: 500ml)

*Fragrance free, alcohol free, very safe water based.

*Test Report against Corona (Feline Corona Virus)

*New Corona Virus and Feline Corona Virus Test, Kitazato


1. Disinfectant for Operation Theatre, Medical Equipments, Dialysis Machines Etc.
2. Disinfectant Against Nano Virus
3. Disinfectant for hands
4. Disinfectant for Kitchen items Crockeries, Cutting Knives, chopping Board and Work Stations in Kitchen
5. Wiping and Dusting cloths, Cleaning of household , Floors, Furniture Etc
6. Can be used in diluted form for cleaning of vegetables before cutting
7. Disinfectant for baby Products and Toys
8. Disinfectant for toilet floors and toilet seats
9. Can be used in dilution form for giving baths to pets
10. Protection against Bacterial and Viral Contamination by spraying inside protective masks.
11. General cleaning of minor wounds and cuts in dilution form, for immediate treatment

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Fragrance free, alcohol free, very safe water based disinfectant.
Germgo is a very effective disinfectant against Nano Virus.
Powerful disinfectant for prevention of infection in health facilities and for disinfectant of medical equipment’s and operation theaters.

Very effective for cleaning and disinfecting the piping in the dialysis machines and also in Hemodialysis machines.
Germgo is a general-purpose comprehensive domestic disinfectant, and can be used for cleaning floors.


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