Keto Diet Plans

Keto Diet Plans

Benefits of Keto Diet

It is everybody’s fantasy to eat whatever they want to without gaining excessive calories and weight. Now no need to go on a dieting mode, as your meals are low in carbohydrates. Blufit helps you to reduce weight just by eating.

Note: Diet plan detailed above is customized as per personal preferences, lifestyle and medical conditions of the person whose name appears at the top.

Keto Diet Counseling & Plans

We have our own personal dietician Dt. Niti Munjal, she is having 8+ years’ experience in this field, she also prepares special diet plan for various health issues (diabetics, high blood pressure, obesity etc). Diet chart is prepared, depending upon the health disorders person is having. You will be getting an online counselling (skype, call) from the dietician and diet chart will be prepared accordingly. You will be getting 4 counselling a month (weekly).

Vast Keto Meals Menu

If you don’t want a diet plan you can simply choose any meal of your choice from our vast keto menu which includes Indian, continental, Japanese cuisines and many more. We just provide lunch and dinner.