Keto Diet Recipes

Japan Turning the Healthiest Country

Japan is a diverse country and it is ranked as one of the healthiest country. Japanese as said, are the long lived on the planet. If we gaze at the assorted facts and figures of Japan, it stands on the top i.e., Number 1 in the life expectancy rate (83.7) as suggested by WHO, it has reached the crest, when it comes to the least obesity patients as mentioned in OECD report 2017. And also, the percentage of diabetic patients in Japan is just 2.5% as compared to India (5.3%).

Why Japan is Healthy Country?

There may be several reasons behind it, heredity (genetic similarity) or may be because of their healthy eating conventions. The most predilected diet of Japanese is keto diet, which is known for the low carbohydrates and is one of the best methodology for weight loss.

Blufit from Japan

Blufit (from Japan), has an alliance with Indian dieticians, who drafts the diet plan according to the prevailing conditions of the person and preparing the diet plan keeping in mind the nutritional assay.

We are known for concocting low carbohydrate food. Our speciality is keto chapati which is made of special flour and keto noodles and pasta made of Konnyaku flour (a Japanese flour).

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