Best Keto Diet in Delhi, Gurgaon

What’s keto diet?

Keto diet is a low carbohydrate diet, by consuming this diet our body starts composing the ketones in the liver. Ketosis is an approach of eliminating the carbohydrate intake with the fat intake. The less consumption of carbs is incredibly efficient for burning fat for energy, which is why ketosis is very swift for weight reduction.

Exercise Food Diet Keto Diet
Lose Weight Low High High
Cost High Low Low
Regaining Lisk Low High Low
Sustainability Low Low High

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How to get lose weight?

STEP.1 Free Counseling
STEP.2 Sample Meal and Planning
STEP.3 Start Food Delivery
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STEP.5 Sharing Keto Food Menu&Recipes

Keto Food Menu(Veg)

Lunch Dinner
Day.1 Paneer Kolhapuri
Cucumber Tomato Salad
Bhindy Fry
Keto Chapati
Day.2 Gobhi Tikka Masala
Lettuce Carrot Salad
Keto Paneer Burger
Butter Milk
Day.3 Mixed Vegetable Pizza
Cherry Tomato Salad
Mushroom Korma
Mushroom Garlic Soup
Day.4 Palak Paneer
Lettuce Carrot Salad

French Style Salad
Cream of Mushroom
Day.5 Paneer Kolhapuri
Cherry Tomato Salad
Shahi Paneer
Keto Chapati
※Both Veg,Non Veg available.
※It’s a sample, we have 60 original meals.

Keto Food Menu(Non-Veg)

Lunch Dinner
Day.1 Teriyaki Chicken Pizza
Butter Milk
French Style Salad
Asian Fried Chicken
Day.2 Cucumber Tomato Salad
Chicken Curry
Greek Salad
Sweet & Sour Tofu
Day.3 Zucchini Pakoras
Keto Carbonara Pasta
Keto Chicken Sushi
Mushroom Garlic Soup
Day.4 Cherry Tomato Salad
Coconut Chicken
Grilled Chicken Salad
Hot & Sour Soup
Day.5 Chicken Burger
Butter Milk
Steamed Chicken Salad
Hot & Sour Soup
※It’s a sample, we have 60 original meals.

Keto diet Case Study

V/N Veg
Name Anshu
Age 35
Before Weight Loss 67.5 kg
BMI at the start 27.38(Fat Stage1)
Period 2 month
Target 60 kg
After Weight Loss 61.3 kg
BMI at the end 24.86(Normal)
Lose Weight -6.2 kg

V/N Non Veg
Name Srishti
Age 28
Before Weight Loss 78.8 kg
BMI at the start 30.1(Fat Stage2)
Period 2 month
Target 68 kg
After Weight Loss 70.3 kg
BMI at the end 26.78(Fat Stage1)
Lose Weight -7.5 kg


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