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What's Keto Diet?

Ketogenic diet commonly referred to as keto diet is a low carb, high fat and moderate protein diet.
Lowering the body’s carb intake induces the body into what is called a ketosis state. Ketosis is a process initiated by the body to help us cope when there is a low carbs intake. This state leads to the production of ketones through the liver’s breakdown of fat. When we are in ketosis, the body starts burning ketones as its primary source of energy.
A well-maintained keto diet is targeted at forcing the body into this very metabolic state.
Some of the benefits of optimal ketone levels include- weight loss, enhanced mental and physical performance and other health benefits.

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Customer's Voice

  • "I was feeling very insecure due to my my obesity and starting from the first dietician consultation I was guided through the entire process along with daily monitoring. I lost 4.5 kgs within a month and renewed the subscription for a month. More than anything else, I feel much more healthier. Thank you Blufit for making me feel positive about myself."
    by Anshu

  • "Frankly speaking I love eating food and was never a fan of fad diets and gimmicks and when I discovered that healthy , wholesome food is being delivered customised to my preference I registered immediately. The team at Blufit keeps me motivated everyday and its great that I can eat fresh cooked tasty food and lose weight at the same time."
    by Srishti

  • "I had heard about Keto diet but what I really liked was how the team guided me through the initial days when my body was adapting. I have not only lost 5 kgs but am feeling more energetic and am exercising regularly too. I have my meals delivered to my office and home both so that is very convenient considering I really have a very hectic life balancing work and home."
    by Devender


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